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Picture Gallery (personal & work related)


Please look at this picture to see if you can identify those people pictured below.


A- Mrs Bird (Zarambo) - Roman Sr's Aunt
B- Alex Zarambo - Roman Sr's Uncle
C- Zig Zarambo - Roman Sr's Uncle
D- Walt Haldin
E- Chester V. G.
F- Sophie
G- Annette -Sophie's daughter
H- Helen
I - Margaret Casper
J- Margaret G.
K- Roman G. Jr.
L- Ben Thomas ( Ada Gulakowski's Husband)
M- Roman G. Sr.
N-Robert Gulakowski
O- Ada Gulakowski
P- Karen
Q- Pauline Iwaniuk
R- Stanley (Clem) G.
S- Mary Zarambo
T- Frank G
U- Donnie G
V- Elenor
W- Evelyn Kush

























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